Course Duration: 13:00 Friday - 12:00 Sunday
Group size: 10 Maximum
Age Range: 18+

Join the Woodland Ways instructing team and gain knowledge and experience of fur on hiding work on this fantastic course. Our instructors will share their in-depth understanding of the properties of the furs and hides from years of application in the field. This will combine to provide customers with an outstanding experience on how to turn raw pelts into a beautiful and versatile material.

Throughout this course we will be focusing on the tanning of a fur-bearing animal with the aim of customers leaving with their own traditionally tanned small pelt and an understanding of the process.

All animals utilised during this course have been sustainably and humanely culled or have been selected from road kill. We fully believe in respecting and valuing wildlife, consequently this course looks to utilise all aspects of the animals so that there is minimal waste.

£300pp or book with a £60 Deposit


The course will start at 13:00 Friday when customers will be given the chance to set up their sleeping arrangements before instructors take you through a camp orientation. Following a short introduction and outline of the course outcomes, customers will be taken through case skinning to maximise the animal's pelt. During the demonstration there will be opportunity for customers to get hands on with all methods covered.

After the completion of the afternoon's work there will be the opportunity to break for dinner, following which the instructors will discuss with customers the broad range of opportunities and uses that an animal presents through the utilisation of bones, sinew and teeth, as used by traditional communities.


Over the course of the Saturday, customers will be taken through each of the steps involved in fleshing, dressing and working the hide so that you will be able to leave with a luxuriously soft pelt by Sunday. This whole process is hard work, time consuming but above all rewarding and our instructors will be on hand at every set to guide and encourage you to completion.

Once the light is lost we will break for dinner giving customers the chance to relax and rest their tired muscles. After everyone has eaten we will have an in-depth discussion on the processes that are happening as animal skins are transformed from green to tanned hides. This shall be done around the campfire discussing a range of replica examples that will be present.


The Sunday will be given over to finishing off any hides that require any more work to ensure that super soft finish before we move on to the final stage of smoking them using traditional methods.