Course Duration: 19:00 Friday - 12:00 Sunday
Group size: 12 Maximum
Age Range: 18+

This course takes several topics from our award winning Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend course, and focuses on them in more depth. We will also introduce some craft elements to expand your learning into the vast topic of Bushcraft.

During this course you will be building a group shelter, preparing your own meals with game and wild ingredients, carving wood, weaving baskets and more. This is the ideal course for someone who has attended our Bushcraft Fundamentals or Bushcraft Weekend course and wants to push themselves further. While no prior experience is needed, it would benefit you to have an understanding of some of these topics. Our highly experienced instructors will be on hand to answer any questions, but to get the best out of this course you may benefit from having covered the basics.

£300pp or book with a £60 Deposit


After being greeted by your instruction team there is a small walk to the fixed expedition style camp where you will be welcomed to the camp and its facilities.

After a brief introduction to the tools you will be using for the weekend; knife and saw, you will then be shown how to split, shave and carve green wood and fashion some tent pegs. At the same time you will learn how to turn a piece of wood into a functional and hopefully beautiful utensil as you rough out the beginnings of a spoon.

The instructors will then demonstrate a variety of tried and tested knots that can be used in conjunction with your tent pegs to give you a perfectly set up tarp.

All that remains to do on the Friday evening is to sit down and enjoy a tasty pheasant casserole and continue to whittle away at your spoon.


You will cook your own breakfast of a damper loaf, bacon and traditional campfire coffee over your fire. After breakfast the Saturday morning is devoted to working as a group and building a cosy shelter built around a central fire. As the shelter nears completion we will turn our attention to building a cooking rig over the fire area.

After a buffet style lunch, you will be guided through the process of collecting and processing the materials to manufacture a group fire bow set. You will then use this to get your own shelter fire lit. With the shelter complete, the fire going and your cooking rig ready you are now in a position to think about your evening meal as we turn our attention to some game preparation.

Throughout the day there will be time to add the finishing touches to the spoon that was begun the day before so that it is complete in time to use it to eat your meal.

As your meal is gently cooking over the fire there should be sufficient time to collect some seasonal wild ingredients to take back to camp and use them to make a tasty wild tea and to add to your evening meal. Whilst out and about we will also explore the flora and fauna of the woodland from the smallest animal sign to the largest tree.

All that is left to do is to enjoy your evening meal and get a good nights sleep in your shelter.


After a quick but hearty breakfast, the task for this last morning is to make your own round wicker basket to take home with you. You will be guided through the whole process of making a traditional round wicker basket.

As the course finishes you will be able to use your finished basket to transport your lovingly carved spoon and tent pegs away with you.