Course Duration: 09:30 - 16:30
Course Size: 12 Maximum
Course Age Range: 18+

This course is a comprehensive look at both historic and modern methods of lighting fires from matches to ferrocerium rods as well as survival fire lighting techniques such as electrical, chemical, and solar. We will give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to light and maintain a fire anywhere in any conditions.

Through the course of the day, we will guide you through the correct technique for using a wide range of ignition sources as well as useful hints and tips to guarantee success with each method.

£110pp or book with a £22 Deposit

To start things off...

Following a welcome and introduction, we will look at sourcing the appropriate tinder and kindling utilising both man-made and natural resources as well as making feather sticks. We will then look at siting a fire with due regard to safety and environmental factors and the correct preparation of the fire site before guiding you through the process of building a fire and then maintaining it.

You will also be shown how to safely clear a fire away leaving no trace.

The rest of the day...

Following lunch we will move on to ignition sources, where we will cover the correct use of matches, lighters and ferrocerium rods. For each, you will gain an understanding of their history, storage, use and limitations, the range of tinder and kindling that can be used with each as well as useful tips and tricks. You will have plenty of opportunity to practice with each of the methods as well as building and maintaining your own fire.

We will then move on to some survival ignition methods utilising resources that you may have with you in an emergency scenario; these will include electrical methods including utilising a vehicle, chemical methods as well as using the sun. Again there will be plenty of time to get hands-on practical experience of all these methods.

Other information...

We operate from a basic woodland venue with rustic furniture around the camp so do feel free to bring additional items for your comfort throughout the day and download our recommended kit list for additional advice. There will be hot and cold water for drinks and a base camp style toilet for your comfort. This is a non-catered course so you will need to bring along a packed lunch and snacks.