Course Timings: 09:30 on the first day through til 12:00 on the final Day
Group Size: 10 Maximum
Age Range: 18+

The Woodland Ways 10 day course is designed for those who already have an understanding of Bushcraft skills and are starting to rely more on their skills rather than on modern day equipment.

Throughout this course, you will become increasingly immersed into the rhythm of the Woodland. Our instructors will enable you to make full practical use of the resources available to you and show you how to rely more on your skills and resources to sustain yourself out in the woodland environment.

You are encouraged to gradually reduce your reliance on modern equipment and food so that by the end of the course you are using only natural materials for all your Bushcraft activities and, if you so wish, are eating purely wild food, with a 3 day skills consolidation period at the end.

Food throughout the week will be provided in the form of wild game, depending on the time of year and seasonal changes this will differ from course to course. However, you are assured that there will be a wide range of game including; fish, fowl, small mammal, and deer. (Vegetarian and other dietary alternatives are available with prior notice).

£950pp or book with a £190 Deposit

Prepare your meals using wild ingredients

You will get the chance to prepare your own meals, as an individual and as a team effort. Based around some sort of Game meat or fish, you will be shown how to extract the meat from the animal and build delicious meals from wild ingredients. Dietary requirements can be catered for.

Explore the creative topic of Traps and Snares

While we won't be setting traps to catch or snare any animals on this course, you will gain an in depth understanding of their mechanisms, and how and where to set them.

Advance your Firelighting skills

Our instructors will introduce you to the Bow Drill method of friction firelighting. We will spend some time with you one to one to iron out any creases in technique, before guiding you through sourcing materials to make your own bow drill set. You will then use this to light your fires for the rest of your course, to really drive home the method. We will also explore the hand drill method.