Course Time: 10.00 - 10.00
Course Duration: 24 Hours
Course Size: 18 Maximum
Course Age Range: 18+

This course is a one-day and one-night course and is the perfect step up from our one day Bushcraft Fundamentals or for those not quite wanting to leap in with the two nights needed to attend our Woodland Ways Bushcraft Weekend.

Rest assured you get the same multi-award winning instruction across a wide array of topics and skills but with a slightly different focus and wrapped up in a shorter duration.

This course is aimed at those wanting to learn how to live more comfortably in the wilds and dip a toe in the water of sleeping in the woods using a tarp.

£200pp or book with a £40 Deposit

When you arrive...

After being welcomed and guided into your woodland home for the next 24 hours it's time to look at the the humble tarp. Under our expert guidance you'll be introduced to just how versatile this simple bit of kit can be by seeing 6 different configurations with the benefits of each fully explained. Your instructor will also discuss the safe siting of any camp so you'll be confident of a safe nights sleep with us and going forwards in your own adventures. It's then over to you to set up your home for the night in the configuration that suits you and the weather conditions.

The skills that matter...

With just 24 hours to spend with us lunch is a quick ploughman's style buffet so we can really get stuck into the skills that matter. After lunch we take a deep dive into fire by friction with the intricacies of the components and technique fully explained and demonstrated before it's time for you to get hands on. That first ever ember is a memory you'll cherish forever.

With fire achieved it's time to take a look at the tools of the trade for ay bushcraft enthusiast - the knife and saw. You'll be guided through a wide variety of techniques, grips and safe use before continuing on to practice these skills. As you become familiar with the different properties of different woods, and the application of a range of knife cutting techniques, you will progress to release a spoon or other camp cooking utensil from the timbers grasp.

Time for dinner and evening projects...

Once carving is complete dinner needs to get underway as we guide you through the processing of Partridge for a great tasting group meal.

With full stomachs achieved the final topic of the day is tree identification, but with a twist. Your instructor will take you on a night time walk where we endeavour to reduce your reliance on sight to heighten your other senses and increase your confidence in the correct identification of a wide range of species. Employing touch, sound, feelings underfoot, and silhouettes you'll be amazed at how reliable your identification can become.

It's then time to settle down for a night under the stars and that special feeling of being completely dry yet in connection with the environment around you. After a night in the woods we wake to a relaxed morning of preparing breakfast in the form of Bannock before getting packed down for the walk back to the outside world.