Course Duration: 13:00 Friday - 12:00 Sunday
Group size: 12 Maximum
Age Range: 18+

Our British woodlands are crammed with incredible natural materials that had huge significance for the lives of our ancestors. During this course, you have the opportunity to craft several baskets and containers that make life in the woods not just possible but pleasurable.

You will leave the course with a range of craft items and hopefully a lasting
impression of just how useful our woodlands have been to our species through our history and how useful they continue to be once you know where to look.

£275pp or book with a £55 Deposit

Learn the techniques

On arrival to the site, we will go through some information about the woodland and the camp we'll be working from. You will have some time to set up your sleeping system, before getting started with the course. We'll show you some of the materials we'll be using, and begin crafting

Enjoy crafting in the woodland environment

On waking up in our beautiful woodlands, you'll make breakfast, then come into camp. We will start some additional projects to compliment your Willow basket that you'd made on the Friday evening. We will explore additional skills that we can use to incorporate handles or different shapes to our containers. In line with our other specialist courses, we will work into the evening offering time to break for dinner, to really get the most of time available.

Acquire natural materials

Our final subject area to guide you through is the sensitive acquisition of tree barks for weaving containers. Our woodlands boast a fantastic diversity of tree species and we will show you the different properties and methods of preparing each unique type of bark. One of our core focuses as a business is to have minimal negative impact on our surroundings, and that's no different here. We always make sure that our harvesting methods are sustainable, so you can have peace of mind!