Course Timings: 09:00 on the first day through til 16:00 on the final Day
Group Size: 10 Maximum
Age Range: 18+

This course is designed for professional bushcraft practitioners like you, to enhance your personal skills beyond the levels you currently deliver to your own audience, making you more proficient in your own skills and to become a better and safer instructor, enriching the way you currently deliver now at your own venue.

You will be inspired and empowered within the company of other bushcraft professionals, within a rich peer-to peer learning environment.

We will be developing your skills to a higher level, supplementing and improving on skills already attained, and teaching you new ones for you to take back into your own practice. This is a good complimentary course to the IOL Bushcraft Competency Training and takes your skills to the next level.

£495pp or book with a £99 Deposit

Fire lighting methods and materials

Producing numerous embers using various methods from the hand drill, to sourcing the materials direct from the woodland to producing a group fire bow set, and how to apply it in various teaching arenas. You will also be joining the Otzi club in producing an ember using iron pyrites and flint, make your own char elements, both man-made and foraged materials you have collected from our beautiful woodlands. Utilise these skills further to blow that ember into flame, to form an established fire at your own camp to cook an evening game meal, supplemented with wild edibles. we will also cover:

Hand drill embers - using various materials and techniques.
Bow Drill - Learn varying applications and collect materials from the woodland.
Firewood - analysis and species characteristics.
Fire lays and fire management- their suitability for the vast array of cooking methods and other uses.

Sustainable harvesting and using natural resources

You will learn to utilise and process an array of wild plants for various dishes, medicines and camp craft uses, through detailed identification conducted on a forage. Converting this knowledge into practical skills by collecting them to produce useful medicinal remedies for the great outdoors, prepare and cook delicious wild food without the need for cookware, and other tasks throughout the week such as producing birch oil and rendering it to tar and producing a coil baskets. Included in this, we will cover:

Sustainable harvesting - techniques ensuring flora remains productive through the changing season and subsequent years.
Detailed plant identification - forage walk, legality, and reference recommendations.

Carving techniques, tools and tool maintenance

Through the week you are going to be working on a huge array of increased skill sets, from green woodwork carving skills with an axe, advanced bushcraft knife and crook knife grips to producing a range of utensils. This will arm you with the diverse range of carving skills, enabling you to release wood fibres in new ways, elevating your carving prowess.

Advanced knife grips - grips towards the body, producing a selection of utensils.
Axe carving - safe use, producing a utensil.
Carving session delivery techniques - accommodating different abilities and learning styles to your audience.
Cutting tool selection, care and maintenance - knife, crook knife, saw and axe.
Cooking frames - designs and applications.