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Course Duration: 10 days
Group size: 10 Maximum
Age Range: 18+

Join the Woodland Ways team as we travel back to the Swedish wilderness and undertake an 10-day canoeing and camp craft expedition.

Being far from major townships and cities provides us not only with great wildlife but also with some incredible night skies with virtually no light pollution. A perfect setting to get to grips with the constellations for navigation.

This expedition hopes to combine the best of a journey through a stunning wilderness landscape by canoe with the added benefit of a fixed camp mid trip enabling us to provide thorough training in a range of crafts and topics.

Perhaps most valuably of all this trip will instil you with the confidence in your own new found or existing polished skills to launch your own expeditions into this type of environment.

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On arrival at the Airport you will met by our team and in country partners. We will spend the day travelling to the outfitters, with a visit to the supermarket to grab some supplies.

We will have a communal dinner in the evening, when we will discuss some of the finer details for the course, including tips on packing your kit.

Duration of the course

We launch our trip from Kloten village inside the Malingsbo - Kloten nature reserve. Our experienced instructors will take you through all safety training in the use of open canoes prior to launching and familiarising yourself with these iconic wilderness craft.

You will be sourcing and purifying all your drinking water, lighting fires to cook over and dry clothing/ equipment, making and striking appropriate wilderness camps and finding wild foods. All of this on top of getting to grips with the versatile canoe and how to use it effectively to explore Europe's' closest true wilderness.

We will guide you through appropriate choice, use, care and maintenance of the axe and then consolidate this training through a range of craft and carving projects combined with the regular 'chore' of splitting fuel for the fire.

Unique to this course is the dedicated attention to familiarising you with the wealth of natural resources that surround you in the Swedish wilderness. We will show you how to make simple but effective pot hangers and utensils for making camp fire cooking easier. Making effective withies for binding material is a rarely mastered skill by most and we take the time to apply these to a range of projects where other natural bindings are none existent or inappropriate.

What to expect

Fishing licenses are secured for every participant on this trip and you can make the most of this whenever the mood takes you, in fact even when you're canoeing you can be fishing! Although we cannot use a net within the lakes we explore, you will be taken through how to sew your own gill net - an incredibly effective fishing technique, made using your own had carved tools.

The reserve is teaming with wild life and we will certainly see sign of Beaver and Moose if not the creatures themselves. We will train you in some basic tracking skills and how to set a wildlife camera effectively on a trail to hopefully catch some up close and personal footage of these amazing animals.

Other craft work looks at utilising Birch bark for a variety of containers their exact design being dictated by this highly varied material. Spruce and pine roots make the natural accompaniment to birch bark craft in this Northern landscape and you will be guided through collecting, preparing and using these when the opportunity arises.

Making your own craft work tools can be a deeply satisfying process especially based in a remote wilderness camp using only those basic materials we have to hand. You will be shown how to create your very own crook knife from old files and even tea spoons. You have the chance to make an awl for your bark work using old tent pegs and how to make an improvised vice for holding these metal work projects.