Course Duration: 14.00 - 18.00
Group size: 6 Maximum
Age Range: 16+

Friction fire lighting by the bow drill method remains now as ever an exciting, educating and empowering skill to learn.

When Ernest Thompson Seton was asked "Why bother learning fire lighting by rubbing sticks, when we live in a world of matches?" he famously answered "You are thinking of the fire that is lighted down there, (pointing at the ground), I am thinking of the flame that is kindled in here!" (pointing at his breast).

For us at Woodland Ways there is no better bench mark of fundamental 'woodsmanship' than mastering the ability to go out into the forest source your own components, shape them and then conjure fire using the bow drill - this calls on a variety of skills including tree identification, safe and effective tool use, appreciation of tinder materials and the fine tuning of personal motor skills.

The bow drill is just one of a large family of friction techniques for producing an ember which can be placed into a tinder bundle and blown into flame.

During this half-day workshop we will walk and talk you through the entire process of using the bow drill. Firstly a discussion of all essential components followed by a demonstration of the bow drill. There will be plenty of time for developing your technique and our instructor will work with you closely to enable this.

We will also discuss variations within this technique both for engaging large groups and younger participants. Lastly we will take a look at a range of materials which can be used both for the bow drill components and the tinder bundle giving you a well rounded appreciation of this skill within the context of British woodland.

All materials required to take part in the workshop will be provided

This course is for over 16's although under 18's must be accompanied by an adult. Workshops are held at our World Of Bushcraft Centre in the Peak District, where free tea and coffee will be available.

£55pp or book with a £11 Deposit