Course Duration: 09:00 Saturday - 15:00 Sunday
Course Location: Oxfordshire
Course Size: 16 Maximum
Course Age Range: 18+

We are delighted to have teamed up with one of our Woodland Wayer 2 year Alumni, Ben West, to introduce you to the comprehensive and yet incredible world of mycology, with uses including medicinal, fire lighting, food and more.

With a combination of camp based lectures, walks around our 250 acre private woodland, and the surrounding network of paths, you will spend two days immersed in the folklore, ecology, identification, and biology of fungi.

For those that wish you may camp in our woodlands overnight between the two days (we will finish around 17:00 on the Saturday and begin again at 09:00 on the Sunday), or there is plenty of accommodation around Oxford and Abingdon nearby.

Our courses are designed to be a fun and educational experience. We are not woodland romantics but practical and realistic. We work in harmony with our changing seasons; adapting our practices throughout the year for us, this is not an optional extra, but a way of life.

£250pp or book with a £50 Deposit

On arrival we will provide a comprehensive introduction to safe working practices with Fungi. Discovering actually what is Fungi, the ecology and folklore. We will also address the safety concerns, legal framework and ethics of foraging wild mushrooms.

A quick introduction to some tools and equipment and we are then on our way to foray around the woodlands. During these walks you will explore the diverse aspects of mycology, including taxonomy, ecology, and applications.

As you progress through the morning your confidence will grow as you gain hands on experience of identification and gathering where applicable.

We will continue to look at the classification of fungi and the life cycle as we wonder through the Autumnal woodland discovering different species and their linkages, whether symbiotic or not. Clearly we will cover all species that we come across, whether edible, poisonous or any other use.

We will also explore both the common and latin names for each species.

By the end of the course you will know how to follow the guidebooks to get you to the genus of a number of species of Fungi, developing further than this to then be able to identify species yourself with guide books and keys.

We will also familiarise yourself with a number of different habitats and the species that are likely to be linked to those.

You should also be able to understand the historical basis of the latin names.

You do not need to have any experience at all of fungi in order to attend this 2 day course, just bring bags of enthusiasm and a packed lunch and we will do the rest.

2024- please note we have pencilled the date of 26th October, however this is very seasonally dependent. If the season becomes dry we will move the date to the 23rd November, we will know closer to the time. This is a self catered course, and you are more than welcome to camp overnight with us in the woods with prior arrangement or find your own accomodation locally.