Course Duration: 09:00 - 15:00 (three days)
Group size: 6 Maximum
Age Range: 18+

This course is an Institute for Outdoor Learning Accredited Continual Professional Development Course and is designed for people who use/or wish to use bushcraft as an aide to delivering their own sessions at their own venues.

The training delivered on this course is designed to enable you to go for the IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate should you wish. The training does however surpass the basic requirements of the certificate. Run over 3 days at one of our woodlands or at your own venue (through prior arrangement and dependent on a suitability assessment by Woodland Ways) you will be taught by some of the most knowledgeable instructors in the industry. Our instructional team have been approved by the Institute for Outdoor Learning for their high standards of quality and safety.

From £300 Per Person with an IOL membership, £325 for non-members

Day One

After everyone arrives at the meeting point and introductions are made, the kit is slung on our backs, and we have a short walk into the woodland. On arrival in camp time will be allocated for you to set up your personal sleep systems, exactly when this happens may vary depending on weather conditions and daylight hours available.

We will then turn our focus to looking at the syllabus. This covers all the components included in the IOL Bushcraft Competency Assessment plus additional supplementary topics to give you a better grounding in basic bushcraft skills.

The exact order of topics may vary but the following is covered in full over the 3 days:

Woodland as a renewable resource
Safe use of edge tools
Basic Tree ID
Building a fire, different fire lays & firewood selection
A demo of different ignition sources, tinder selection & tinder bundles
Consolidation of ignition sources & building fire, carving a feather stick
Introduction to the friction fire bow

Day Two

Having started off with some foundation skills day 2 looks to increase the mental and practical tool kit by exploring woodland resources, fire and water.

Safe cutting techniques
Shelter- Location, designs & frames
Thatching & Bedding
Friction Fire Lighting
Water sourcing, collecting, filtering & purification
Practical session of collecting, purifying by filtering & boiling using a pot hanger. Utilising your fire, lit by using Ferrocerium rod or flint and steel

Day Three

To finish off the training the last few units of learning are ready and waiting.

Friction Fire lighting, trouble shooting & gathering your own set
Tool selection & Maintenance
Knife Law
Practical - Make feather stick, light fire using friction, & tinder bundle
Outline of assessment
Questions and recap

To claim your £25 IOL member discount, please get in touch with your IOL number.