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Course Duration: 09.30 - 16.30
Group size: 12 Maximum
Age Range: 18+

During this course you will benefit from explanation, demonstration and participation in selecting, splitting and shaping a section of green wood into a traditional coffee cup.

£110pp or book with a £22 Deposit

Safe foundation...

Throughout the morning we will bring everybody up to speed on the safe use of the provided knives, crook knives, saws and axes that you will then operate throughout the day. Safe axe use is of paramount importance on this course and will be used to first split the green wood blank and then hew off the majority of the excess material.

We aim to break for lunch between 12:30 and 13:00 in the afternoon. Resuming work in the afternoon we will be well into the process of shaping your kuksa and will most likely have switched over to using general purpose bushcraft knives and crook knives for hollowing out the drinking vessel.

We have run many Kuksa carving workshops over the years producing hundreds of fantastic wooden cups alongside our customers now we are offering a full day to get to grips with carving a traditional drinking utensil.

The rest of the day...

Green wood carving is a very satisfying craft and here you gain the opportunity to relax and learn at one of our stunning woodland venues around the campfire.

The great benefit of this day course is that in addition to going home with a hand crafted item you will be harnessing transferable skill sets to take forwards with other projects and courses such as safe tool selection and use, green wood working techniques and general woodland camp life experience.

We operate from a basic woodland venue with rustic furniture around the campfire so do feel free to bring along additional items for your comfort throughout the day and download our recommended kit list for additional advice.

There will be hot and cold water for drinks and a base camp style toilet for your comfort. This is a non catered course and so you will need to bring along a packed lunch and snacks.