Course Duration: 14.00 - 18.00
Group size: 8 Maximum
Age Range: 16+

Join one of our instructors in the classroom at the World of Bushcraft Centre for an afternoon workshop with the plant that we can all recognise as having a lasting impression on us as children. Is it really so evil? Of course not! Nettles are amazing, and we'll go into great depths why we think so.

On this course, we will teach you how to harvest Nettles for different uses, without stinging yourself! We will look at nettles as a food source, and we'll even make some Nettle Soup for you to try. Nettles also make for great cordage, so we'll be breaking some down to get the fibres which we'll then make into some of the best natural cordage available to us in the UK. We'll change your perception of this wonderful plant, and right the wrongs of all the stings you've suffered over the years!

The finished item is yours to take way, and we'll have plenty of tea and coffee ready to keep you refreshed while you work. Suitable for ages 16+, but under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.

£55pp or book with a £11 Deposit