Course Duration: 13:00 Friday - 17:00 Sunday
Group size: 10 Maximum
Age Range: 18+

This weekend course is all about getting to grips with the tool technology of our hunter-gatherer ancestors that went far beyond flint. Fundamental to many of our ancestors right up to indigenous peoples around the world of recent times, bone has pathed the way for the survival of many cultures, making needles for sewing clothing, awls for basketry or punching holes in hides, to larger items such as harpoon heads, arrowheads, and even axe heads.

£300pp or book with a £60 Deposit


Your course begins 13:00 Friday where we introduce you to our woodland camp and give you to time to set up sleeping systems and orientate yourself to camp life. The first afternoon is dedicated to an overview of the course with examples of a range of bone tools as well as the tool kits needed to make them.

We begin by looking at making some points, awls and a needle. The kettle is always close by for hot drinks and we will break each day around 12:00 and 18:00 for meals. Work will likely continue into the evening in keeping with our more specialist courses allowing you maximum opportunity for hands-on experience.


The Saturday is spent finishing up any projects from Friday before progressing onto more intricate tools such as arrowheads and other blades shapes including serrated edges.


By the Sunday your bone tool kit should be the envy of any hunter-gatherer with time given to finishing off any projects and exploring decoration techniques before the weekend comes to a close.

We hope to both inspire you with what can be accomplished with simple natural products and equip you with practical skill sets that you can take away with you - not to mention all the bone goodies that are yours to keep at the conclusion of the course.