Course Timings: 10:00 on day 1 to through til 12:00 on Day 7
Craignish Peninsula- Scotland
Group Size: 12 Maximum
Age Range: 18+

Come and join our team on a relaxing secluded coastal foraging course. Based from our house on the beautiful Craignish Peninsula, with walking distance to the shore, we will head out daily to identify, gather and eat fresh, sustainable local seafood and seaweed. Taking you on a journey of connection with the oceans sustainable bounty. This connection begins with your feet, as they become your ears, teaching you what an incredible variety of food is underfoot.

We will also apply our time to learning and producing medicinal preparations in our kitchen from the coast.

£1150pp or book with a 20% Deposit

"Walk so silently that the bottom of your feet become ears"- Tamara

It is our view that amongst many other skills, there are two main actions that can foster a deep connection to the natural world- Tracking, and Foraging. During this course we will refocus your thoughts on the wonderful economy of exchange that is possible with nature through foraging (and we will throw some tracking in there too as a side!). Treading carefully, we can sustainably harvest everything that we need to survive. But not only this, we aim to ignite your culinary creativity through hands on experience of producing food for the plate.

This course is designed for all foodies (or wannabe foodies), and for those curious about what the coast can offer from an edible perspective. It is also suitable for those that prefer to spend the evening in a comfy bed rather than camp.

We will explore the diverse coastal ecosystem and learn about the biodiversity that the shoreline has to offer where both marine and terrestrial life come together.

You will gain a knowledge of recognizing edible plants, seaweeds, winkles, cockles, oysters, mussels, wild mackerel/bass and more alongside seaweed cooking lessons and medicinal preparations.

We will work with you to gain confidence in your seaweed gathering practice, an understanding of the tides and when best to gather, as well as techniques for gathering, storing and preparing seaweeds as medicine.

We will not just cover the safety aspects of identification but will also explore both the legal and the ethical framework of foraging in this potentially vulnerable habitat.

You will put your new found skills into practice as every morning and afternoon we head out to forage before bringing it back to the house to prepare and produce. There will be full hands on cooking sessions.

So much more than just foraging

Aswell as the foraging, food cooking lessons and medicinal preparations for those that wish too there will be the opportunity to swim among the kelp beds, have a whisky barrel seaweed bath and undertake early morning, late night wildlife watching walks. There is also the opportunity to swim in the sea at dawn and dusk, purely magical... so bring a wet suit if you have one.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Isle of Jura and the famous Corryvreckan whirlpool, this stretch of the Scottish West Coast is steeped in myth and lore. Craignish Peninsula is also home to the inspiring Seawilding project, and during this experience we will learn about what this community-led project is doing to regenerate the surrounding seabed with seagrass and native oysters.