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Course Duration: 1st June - 20th June 2024
Group size: 10 Maximum
Age Range: 18+

Join the Woodland Ways team as we travel back to the Yukon Territories of Canada, and undertake an epic, very remote, canoeing and camp craft expedition with an average of 15-16 days on the water.

Imagine gliding down the longest river in Yukon, and the third-longest river in North America, nestled between the wide expanses of mountain ranges, taking the same routes as the old pioneers of the gold rush era.

No doubt you will be inspired by the pale waters that result from the glacial run off, and the moving water sections will challenge and inspire you, as indeed they did in the famous novel "The call of the Wild". Our aim is to cover the distance between Whitehorse and Dawson City, and incredible 445 miles (715 km) journey. Along the route we will make wild camps and use existing campsites where they exist. Food will be cooked both on the open fire and on stoves, and you will hone your campcraft, navigation, and water skills.

In this vast wilderness there is an abundance of wildlife, and paddling is a great way to see it. In 2023 the team saw 8 Bears, including Black and Grizzly, plenty of Beavers, an Otter, several Moose including calves, a lot of Bald eagles, and much more, in 2022 we were accompanied on our journey riverside by two wolves and in the years preceding that we were blessed to see Lynx. While we can't guarantee you'll see the same again, it's definitely out there!

£2,195pp or book with a £439 Deposit

About this expedition

Some say that this valley was the main route of migration for the areas first human inhabitants, although other aboriginals state there origin is in the land itself, never the less, you cannot fail to be impressed with the stunning wilderness that is the Yukon River.

Everything is stowed in your Canadian canoe, you will be applying your existing paddling skills whilst learning further how to manoeuvre your craft on both moving and still water... take a deep breath as you soak up the incredible scenery journeying down the iconic- Yukon River.

We will progress along this historical route between Whitehorse and Dawson City, where over 30,000 "stampeders" headed to this remote frontier in their quest for gold. Many did not make it back, and many more didn't find gold.

We will be paddling for 15 consecutive days and so a good level of physical fitness is essential, its time to start the exercise routine now if not!

The team

To pull together expeditions such as this takes a huge amount of skill and logistics, you know by joining us you can experience this incredible opportunity with safety and expertise paramount.

Jason of Woodland Ways is renowned for his experience of leading adventurous expeditions across the globe, pulling on a wealth of experience from the boreal forests, through jungle, desert and arctic- here you are going to be led by a highly regarded bushcraft instructor who will provide you with the ultimate wilderness paddling experience.

Jason has teamed up again with his good friend, expeditioner, canoeist and all round good guy Rich.

Richard has paddled the Yukon River on numerous occasions, and has raced the Yukon River Quest Race, consisting of 444 miles of wilderness racing. Rich has led 7 expeditions to this part of the world including sea kayaking from Vancouver Island to Glacier Bay, canoeing from Whitehorse to Dawson City, and sea kayaking, hiking and pack rafting from Juneau down to Whitehorse via the Chilkoot Trail.

What to expect

During our time you will have plenty of opportunity to improve your paddling skills with our qualified and experienced coaches eager to share their knowledge on this fast-moving water- as well as putting into practice the wilderness skills required for such a journey.

You can expect to see sign of bears, moose, and wolves if we are lucky, and Jason's experience of tracking these animals will provide a depth of knowledge to the fauna.

The cost of the trip includes:

All canoe equipment
Accommodation on arrival in Whitehorse and Dawson City (3 nights)
Professional instructors and coaching
Wild camping on the Yukon River and camp grounds
Transport and shuttle service back (excludes flights)
Food for expedition days (excludes meals in town locations)
Coaching on moving water
Includes free introduction to Moving Water day course (Tandem) with our canoe leaders at Matlock- Derbyshire UK

The trip will include time to visit the Robin McBride Museum, Diamond Tooth Gerties and Jack London's Cabin- expenses for those clients interested will be borne by the client (entrance/food etc).

As people will travel to this expedition from all over the globe you will need to make your own travel arrangements to get to Whitehorse airport, we will collect you there. For those travelling from the UK we will make a flight recommendation for you.