Course Duration: 09.00 - 17.00
Group size: 8 Maximum
Age Range: 16+

Within bushcraft, kuksas have come to symbolise the connection we make with nature in the great outdoors, as we work in harmony with it, reflecting on the way of life of the Sami people, who live in-tune with the forests of Lapland, for whom the kuksa (guksi as they call it) is part of their everyday life in the wilderness.

Craft your own Snaps kuksa cup on this one-day workshop with one of our experienced instructors, who will impart the skills for you to create your very own beautiful snaps kuksa cup. You'll find it the perfect size to enjoy with either a traditional warming tipple in the evening or an espresso first thing in the morning to kick start the day.

All tools and materials to take part in the workshop are provided.

Workshops are held at our World Of Bushcraft Centre in the Peak District, where free tea and coffee will be available.

£70pp or book with a £14 Deposit